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The real story about my BolderBoulder

The 2012 BolderBoulder came and went.  I wasn’t interested in running, crowds, or a cold (and some say refreshing) Michelob Ultra. Then last summer I ran jogged a 5k and I thought I could tackle this 10k event.  I got laced up and packed my CamelBak and I was off.  And while I finished the course, I’m not sure I tackled it.

Looks like I’m doing pretty good here, right?  I think that this was one of the last points that I felt ok… the day before the race I had taken care of myself.  I had eaten well, avoided drinking alcohol, and had plenty of water.  What I didn’t count on was tripping over my own feet and causing myself some ankle pain. 


I told myself that the ankle pain was merely in my head and I was trying to give myself a way out.  So I lined up in my group and waited nervously as we started getting towards the front.  My first mile was ok, nothing to brag about.  And in mile 2, my ankle started to hurt.  I took plenty of walk breaks and continued.  I was finding every sprinkler along the course and enjoying myself.  By the time mile 3 came around, I was dying.  There was no shade on the course and I was starting to get hot.  I texted the family and let them know I was way behind my expected pace and not to worry, I would finish.  I found them around the mile 5 marker and I just wanted to stop.


After this very flattering photo, I hugged the Husband and told him to look for me at the end.  Lots of good lucks later and I was off again.  When we got near the stadium, I started to notice I wasn’t sweating anymore.  Tell tale sign that I was done for… the heat sickness was on it’s way.  As we got ready to hit the stadium entrance, I got goosebumps.  I’m not sure if it was from the excitement or the heat but I was ready to be done.  You can’t beat the crowd at the stadium!  I gave it all I had and crossed the line, grabbed my bag, and found my family.

I spent the rest of the day recovering from just six miles… It was so hot and I was so tired.  Needless to say, I had one sip of my Michelob and tossed it in the recycling.  I am so glad that I can check the BolderBoulder off my list.  I’ve been sick from heat in the past so I knew it was important to go home and take care of myself.  I’m not sure if I would do the BolderBoulder again, but I might work at improving my 5k time at this point instead! 

A few things about recovering from heat sickness (from http://www.medicinenet.com):

What is the treatment for heat exhaustion?

  • Cooling and rehydration are the cornerstones for treating heat exhaustion. The affected individual should stop their activity and then move from the hot environment to a cooler environment. The person may be placed in the shade or taken to an air conditioned environment (don’t forget that cars have air conditioning). Clothes may be removed to help with air circulation across the body. Misting the skin with cool water also helps by stimulating evaporation and cooling the body.
  • Rehydration is the next important step in treating heat exhaustion. This may be a challenge if the person begins to suffer from nausea and vomiting. Small sips of water, a mouthful at a time, might be tolerated even if some vomiting persists. Water, sports drink and other electrolyte replacement drinks are reasonable options.
  • If oral rehydration fails or if symptoms persist, intravenous fluids may be required to replace the water loss because of the excessive sweating. Hydration continues until the patient begins to urinate, a signal that the kidneys have sensed that there is enough fluid in the body, and it no longer retains fluid.
  • Muscles cramps and pain may be treated with over-the-counter medications like ibuprofen and acetaminophen.



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Monday Suds: Mountain Sun

While the family was in town this weekend, we were able to take them to some of our favorite restaurants, hiking trails, and breweries.  I noticed that after we headed to Boulder, I hadn’t shared one of my favorite spots, the Mountain Sun.  This is a great brewery downtown that I was able to enjoy with some of my favorite Blends last May

Borrowed from Laura at sprint2thetable.com

Brewery Borrowed from Laura at sprint2thetable.com

I thought I would go back and let you know a little bit about their beer!


From the website :


The Mountain Sun first opened its doors in October of 1993. As corporations and concept restaurants swamped downtown Boulder, we realized our town needed a community-based neighborhood pub. For inspiration and our first brewer, we looked to the thriving pub and micro-brew scene of Oregon.

Our beers have won medals across the globe, including six gold medals at the Great American Beer Festival in Denver, the world’s largest beer festival. And over the years, our brewpubs have consistently been voted the best in Boulder in the local media.”


I was able to enjoy the Illusion Dweller IPA.  This was a big beer with intense hop flavors and subtle smokey notes.  What I really love about the Mountain Sun is the selection of interesting beers.  Every there has a Boulder spin and the Colorado hops!


They have great lunch and a great atmosphere.  Love to grab and beer and salad on their patio in the summer.  Mountain Sun is part of a larger group of brewpubs and I can’t wait to hit up Vine Street in Denver.

Word of warning though, CASH ONLY!


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Monday Suds: West Flanders


I can’t do a better job than they already have of introducing the West Flanders Brewing Company.  As you can tell by the history, the guys in charge of this great brewery and eatery have been waiting for a great opportunity for a long time!  I was really excited to stop in and try out some new beers from just down the street!


When walking around Pearl Street in Boulder, I generally expect a lot of flash and not a lot of substance.  West Flanders has recently started occupying a space that was previously one of those places.  While the décor and the space hasn’t changed a lot, the vibe and the menu have definitely improved.  Walking into West Flanders felt comfortable and inviting and not too busy.


They are of course showcasing their own beer and they are also paying tribute to some heavy hitters outside of Colorado (and the US).  I had the opportunity to try the Duchesse a while back at an Ales for Females meeting.


The beers were incredibly balanced and leaning towards traditional.  While everything had a unique spin, when you order off the menu there are no surprises.  If you don’t believe me, check out their incredibly thorough beer descriptions.


When we sat down at our table, we were able to try 7 of the 9 beers on the menu.   Everything at West Flanders was pretty traditional and tasty.  There wasn’t really anything that stood out as incredible but I would drink any of those beers again.  I think that my favorite was the St. Marks Dubbel.  It was sweet and full of caramel but it wasn’t overwhelming.  It hit every note perfectly and I would love to find out what entrée they would pair this with.  I think that the opportunity that they have in front of them is the chance to do great beer dinners without having to pair with an outside source.  IMG_1819

I was able to meet with the brewmaster, Brian Lutz, and one of his bartenders, Tierney.  West Flanders has only been open a few months and they are already over 200 barrels in house.  My standard question for brewers and bartenders alike is about their favorite beer on tap.  While Tierney showed me around, she let me know that she loves the Dubbel as well!  I knew I wasn’t wrong about that taste.  Brian said that he couldn’t pick a favorite because he loves everything he brews.  With the kind of history he has, I would definitely be proud of the product I put out as well.


Make sure to check out West Flanders online!  I’m sure there are some great things to be watching (and waiting for)!


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