A moderately succussful weekend

So this weekend was a rare and wonderful TWO DAY WEEKEND!!  With my current job as a relocation specialist, I only get every other Saturday off so when I get  a Saturday off, it’s golden. 

We started off at the Longmont Farmer’s Market for a quick stop and then off to the Simply Bulk Market.  Always tasty things to buy and great things to try.  We stuck to the usual Miller Farms site for earthy veggies and zuchinni.  We plan to do several crockpot meals this week.  We bought a few more provisions at the bulk food store, like dried pineapple and granola.  (I guess we have acclamated to Boulder)  Hopefully, this will keep me from the junk food this week.

After all of the great shopping, it was night of enjoying my husband’s company and a nice glass of Malbec.  It’s a tasty, rich Malbec with a lot of fruit.  I wish I knew where we bought this bottle because apparently it wasn’t in Colorado.  We’ll just have to keep our eyes out so the next time I have some more plums around, I can try it again!

Finally, the business of the weekend.  Shawn and I went looking for a new bike for me.  I expected to spend around $250 but after finding the bike I like and getting the things I need, like a kickstand and a watter bottle holder, the package comes to just under $600!!!  I don’t know how bikes can cost that much but they do.  My parents also don’t understand the cost of bikes these days.  They said that they would buy me a bike but it turns out my dad expected to spend around $150, enough for the extras on the bike I want…  I guess the new set of wheels may have to wait a bit longer

The Bike that I reallllly want!


 I guess that’s all for now.  Until next time…


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