Did we thaw something for dinner?

For about a week and a half, my husband and I have been meaning to make fabulous Guiness Stew.  The problem is that every day we leave for work and realize about lunch time that no one has taken the extra 5 seconds to actually pull the package of stew meat out of the freezer.  We get home, too tired to think of something fabulous (and meatless) to make and end up ordering out for something full of carbs, grease, and tastiness.  This has not helped me to get off of the couch in the evening and get out on my new bike.  I mostly eat junk and sit on the floor and play with my puppy.

Tomorrow, we have vowed to have people over for dinner and make Guiness stew.  It’s a fabulous recipe that I think that you could make with just about any other tasty, dark, carmely beer and your favorite stew veggies.  Always turns out great and results in tasty leftovers.  I originally found the recipe here (http://community.livejournal.com/what_a_crock/695254.html) and Shawn and I have tweeked over time.

Several times we have seen something on a food show and promptly went out and bought the ingredients.  We have gotten some great things from Gordon Ramsey and the Food Network.  I also had the idea to ask for cookbooks for shower presents.  Those have worked out great!  But sometimes the folder of take out menus offer some great options as well.

I’ll have to let you all know how the stew turns out this time.

Are you planning/cook from the cookbook kind of person or a see what’s available and make that kind of cook?



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2 responses to “Did we thaw something for dinner?

  1. CAB

    I go through my phases between the two. I try to plan ahead as much as I can but sometimes that just doesn’t work out so I always try to have “emergency” meals on hand. It could be frozen items like bolognese or chili that just needs to be defrosted. Or it could be spur of the moment quick meal with something I keep as staple items.

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