A few thoughts on this week’s food adventures…


So after a long weekend of travel, drinking, and partying it was time to settle in at home, with more food that isn’t on the diet approved list.

After two full days of travel, Shawn and I were not in the mood to cook so we stopped at the new Indian place we have been meaning to try, Passage to India. 

Who knew naan could taste this good?


We started with some Naan Bread (CHEESY Naan Bread!!!)

After the naan, I dove into my iced tea.  When it arrived at the table, I thought it looked a little funky.  Turns out that they serve a Masala tea that is kind of like chai, but better!  I limited myself to one glass but will definitely order that again.
Next, the entrees arrived!  I ordered my standby favorite, Aloo Goby (Potatoes and Cauliflower in yellow curry) and Shawn had some Chicken curry thing. 


Yummy Dinner!Chicken Curry of some delectible variationChicken Curry of some delectible variation

 Passage to India had a make your own curry menu, you order the menu, the flavor, the spicy and it arrives as a gorgeous plate.

Can’t wait to go back!!  Definitely had lots of choices and spices, and nothing like the other Indian cuisine we have had the chance to sample in the Boulder/Longmont area.



Next on the culinary adventure was a trip to Lefthand for our monthly Ales4Females event.  We got to try abbey beers, a variation on the Trappist beer style. 


Beers we tried

Don, a home brewer, did a great job with the Lefthand Staff in putting together a tasty spread and plenty of information about the style itself. 


Our setup

It’s always entertaining for me to find out about the beers that I do and don’t like.  Don had asked at the beginning of his presentation who was afraid of the abbey beers, I was the only one that raised my hand.  By the end, I may consider having an Abbey with my crabcakes!
Have you taken any fun food adventures yet?

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  1. Indian food is delicious!!! 😛 So is Indo-Chinese food (sometimes called Hakka food)—which is Chinese food but done in an Indian style!

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