The Quest for a Beer Club Membership

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Since I discovered Left Hand this spring, I have been on a quest to be a part of their illusive beer club.  If you have earned the favor of Left Hand (not sure if it is the beer club members, the staff, or who…) you will receive an invitation for the next year.  This membership (which you do pay for) includes a glass at the bar with your name on it (the main reason for persuing this!), a chance for monthly prizes, t-shirts, parties, and who knows what else.

Shawn and I have started to garner favor by making food for the staff and their parties, participating in the dog washes, and making several appearances during the week.  Shawn and I are currently getting everything together for the Oktoberfest party.  Shawn has been asked to make 250 pretzels for the party in exchange for a prepaid bar tab.  These pretzels didn’t win any prizes at the pair and share last month but they were certainly a hit with the staff.  We even  had Left Hand Beer exclusively at the wedding (see below)

Shawn did hear some bad news yesterday which has made me want to “work” even harder.  He met a woman yesterday at the bar (not that way!) and she said that it took her and her husband nearly 2 years of constant attendance to garner an invitation.  I am hoping that the last couple months have not been in vain (expensive vain).

I will keep you all posted as the next couple of months to the invitation progress.

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One thought on “The Quest for a Beer Club Membership

  1. Homemade soft pretzels? Sounds tasty! Though making 250 of them seems like it might be difficult/take a while.

    Well I hope all your effort pays off!

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