Sorry, you’re out of time…

I was certainly spoiled by my first job out of college.  It was a little better than average pay, great benefits, and 4 weeks, read that again 4 WEEKS!, of Paid time off.  While it was sometimes hard to schedule, I at least had it to schedule.  The reason for this amazing benefits package was due to the fact that I worked for a European company.  Most European companies have enough paid time off for a nice healthy summer holiday and several small breaks for the holidays during the rest of the year.  Definitely was great to be able to take off a week a quarter and still have a job when I get back.

Since moving to Colorado, I have not had the same luxury.  The first job I had here said that I was “pulling shenanigans” when I was not there on Christmas Eve (even though it was okayed eventually).  I ended up leaving that job for other various and annoying reasons (to be discussed at another time I would think).  In my current job, I was awarded a hefty 6 days of vacation and no sick time (note my tone).  This means that because I got married this year, I am not able to be sick or go anywhere for Christmas. 

On a side note, who rents a place to live on December 23rd?? 

I am still unsure about flying to West Virginia for Christmas as it would cost $1400 for a 2 day trip.  I would rather go to Vegas with a cheap flight and blow my money having a good time.  I also don’t want to spend Christmas family-less (or make Shawn miss the only holiday he really enjoys). 


While I don’t think I will ever find a job with as great a benefit package as my European friends again, I will continue to search.  Are we working too hard for way too little or should we all stand up to our bosses collectively and demand to be treated like the French?

3 thoughts on “Sorry, you’re out of time…

  1. Hang in there! American companies can have great benefits too – I’m sure you’ll find the job you’re looking for!

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