Looking Back and Looking Ahead.


So today I am finally putting together my wedding album on Snapfish.  Looking back and thinking about what the Husband and I have done this year, I am so glad we did our wedding the way that we did.  We made very sure to include everyone in the events leading up to our special day.  The entire family and many of our friends all had a special role on our wedding day as well.  And thanks to the Husband’s brother we also have some great pictures to remember the events.  They aren’t artsy photos but they are certainly great photo album pictures.  I am so excited to have this book put together and hopefully here in time for Thanksgiving!

Speaking of Thanksgiving, I may have done a very silly thing.   I invited EVERYONE over for Thanksgiving.  By everyone I mean the Husband’s parents, his brother and fiancee, my parents, my sister and her husband as well as a handful of friends (which the Husband doesn’t know about).  We have started to get the menu and the itineray together and it seems like quite a bit of planning for such a family event.  But for the Husband and I, everything tends to be an event.  I thought that it was important that early on in our relationship with our families as as married couple, I claim a holiday.  I just wanted to have something that was mine where I could host and enjoy both families instead of choosing (or not going at all).  This will be our first go as a married couple at a holiday and I am sure that it will go fine.  Fingers crossed!!


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