Girls Day out

Some pictures long overdue.  A couple of weekends ago Lauren, Brittany, and I went out for lunch, some window shopping, a viewing of the Tourist, and a margarita!

Our tasty meals and bottle of vino!

Tasty make your own salad!! I love mod market

A vegetarian/tomatoey (is that a word??) soup

Mozzerella Sandwich

And then you can get educated by your Nutricate receipt.  Calories and all!  Turns out we were totally vegetarian today.  Not so hard after all!

Margaritas to top of the day!

This is definitely going to have to be a monthly occurance!!

What do you do for girls day out??


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One response to “Girls Day out

  1. Hm, good question! A girl’s day out for me often includes a lunch out, but also having people over to site down and relax for a few hours. Living in the country, we don’t do much pedi/mani/window shopping stuff 🙂 Sounds fun though!

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