So far 2011 is a mixed bag

So 2011…

Kicked it off with a not so exciting night.  The Husband had to wake me and the puppy up for New Years.  At least I made it to East Coast Midnight!  Watched a lot of Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin and passed out…

My New Years Companions

Next we found out that we were not going to be invited into the beer club.  I was sad but not entirely upset.  The Husband has decided that he will continue to drink their beer (at home… from a six pack).  He has told some of the bar staff as much and it seems that several of them are also disappointed.  It’s good to know someone was voting for us but it just wasn’t enough this time.  There’s always next year!

Glass is more than half empty... sad

Work has been busy but not making a ton of progress.  I am told this will also improve.  I hope that means my paycheck will also see an upward trend!

The Husband and I have set up our Valentine’s week full of exciting outings.  We have tickets to the Avalanche/Penguins game that week courtesy of the inlaws! We have also set up a special weekend up in Blackhawk to gamble and ski.  Should be a blast!

While 2011 has not been as great as it should be, it can only get better.  After 2 and a half weeks, how is your 2011?


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One response to “So far 2011 is a mixed bag

  1. Nicole

    Not great. I think I want 2010 back again. Still its early days yet! You sound like you’ve got lots to look forward to.

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