A brief middle of the week vacation

So my job has a wonky schedule which generally affords me a day off when everyone else is in the office.  This time, the husband and I decided to take a short trip for Valentine’s day into the mountains.   The roads were not great and it was super cold but we braved it anyway (the room was already paid for!). 

First, we were off to Blackhawk, CO!  This place is a mini Vegas in a canyon in the mountains. 

Blackhawk, CO, picture courtesy of katriona.bravejournal.com

We stayed at the Isle and had a blast playing the penny slots and drinking free cocktails!  And since the weather was not cooperating, the casino was empty and we got to sit in a very comfortable casino.  We’ll be heading back on the 19th to hopfully claim a big prize, an Audi!  You must be present to win and I hope that everyone else forgets.  I never win anything…

On Wednesday morning, we headed to Eldora Mountain Resort for a little skiing. 

Photo Courtesy of TripAdvisor

And because it was a school day and super cold, we were the only ones there!  Not really but it sure felt like it.  It was a good day to practice falling on the Blue Runs!  Once we felt sufficiently frozen and beat up, we headed in for lunch at the bar.  Once warmed up, we tried a little more skiing and then back to the real world.

We picked up the pup from the puppy sitter and got home.  We all collapsed on the couch under the blankets and there we stayed!  Love my middle of the week vacations!

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