The food trucks are coming!!



To be more precise, they were in Prospect last night.  Shawn and I had heard about this a couple of weeks ago so I have spent the last week being excited about new food to try.

First, we got a burger and chips from Walnut a go-go.  Burger was good, some kind of green chile relish on top. 

Next was a Chicken Tostada from Comida Food Truck.  You can find them on twitter at @EatComida.  Reasonable price for a tostada but definitely not worth the wait…  Skipping that next time.

Finally, the best part!!  The Denver Cupcake Truck!!  They were busy from the moment we got there.  By the time Shawn and I got around to them, they were almost out of everything so we got 2 Mocha cupcakes!  Fantastic!  Shawn said there was too much buttercream but I know no such thing.  I will definitely be tracking them down another time!

All in all, good experience but we still had to stop to get a little more food to complete dinner.


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