Our (kind of) epic bike ride!

Before all the craziness of the family wedding starts in a few days, the Husband and I took advantage of the 85 degree day and the beautiful sunshine on Sunday and decided to conquer the St. Vrain Greenway. 

I keep thinking that this bike ride is longer than it actually is so when I checked the mileage before I left, the ride was demoted from epic to kind of epic.  In my mind it’s a 28 mile bike ride but in reality, only 16 or so miles.  Still a personal best though so it is a highlight!

We started the ride at Sandstone Ranch, the district trailhead.

We stopped quite a bit to take pictures and to rest.  It was really hot and I could feel my sunburn starting about a mile in.  Always remember your sun screen or you will end up with a T-Shirt burn.  Few pictures along the way!

Mt. Meeker and Longs PeakThe Sundial!

 My favorite part of the greenway are all of the tracks that they put in the cement along the way.  My favorite ones are about 4 miles in!

At the other end of the path is Golden Ponds.  Lots of little lakes and plenty of birds to look at.  Not all of the paths at Golden ponds are paved so we didn’t do the whole thing.  Tires were low and we decided gravel would be best to skip today!

Golden Ponds is the end of the line so it was time to start looping back.  Because we were keeping such a good pace, we decided to reward ourselves with a quick pit stop at Left Hand!

Very bike friendly!

The rest of the ride back to Sandstone wasn’t bad.  The Husband said that he wanted to get a picture of me on top of the trailhead!  It was a mile hike, walking my bike, uphill. 

I'm the little speck way at the top!

 After 16 or so miles, we headed home and had a nice cuddle with Maggie, after a nice long shower of course!

While 16 miles may not be so epic it was definitely a milestone!  Have you reached any milestones this week?

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