An Evening with the House of Walker

So as we approach our one year wedding anniversary, we have been doing special trips and nights out.  Last night we visited Martini’s Bistro for “An Evening with the House of Walker”.  The basic info can be found here, Menu and Info .

I am not a scotch/whiskey drinker, so this was going to be a learning experience for me and a night of fun for the Husband.

We started the first course with a Ginger ale and Red Label cocktail and some bacon wrapped scallops!  The Husband’s only complaint was that there wasn’t more.  It was amazing!!!

My mouth is watering just looking at this picture!  There was a chile sauce and the scallops were done just right!

Second was the salad course!  Perfect portion, perfect dressing, great salad!  Really liked the cheese on this salad!  This was served with the Green Label which is supposed to reflect a grassy note or two which was perfect!

On to the main course! They served grilled beef shoulder tenderloin with a peppercorn medley & port demi-glace.  The food of this course had a huge portion and the mashed potatoes hiding underneath!  This was paired with Black Label which was my least favorite of the labels.  This one had the most alcohol content and I handed over the rest of mine to the Husband.

Dessert course was the course I had been waiting for all night!!  Chocolate torte with ganache on top and Gold Label from the freezer.  We have Gold Label at home but we had never put it in the freezer.  Needless to say, the bottle is now in the deep freeze where it will stay!  Took most of the dessert home to enjoy tonight again!

Finally, it was time for the Blue Label!  This is the one that the Johnnie Walker fans were waiting for.  I had to agree that it was a very nice drink but not for me.  The cheese plate was also a little underwhelming for me.  There were some great cheeses but nothing that was too unfamiliar.  No picture here as I completely spaced.  You can all imagine what cheese and grapes look like, right?

While dinner was winding down, Robert Stickler, our host, did a little trivia.  I did manage to get a question right so the Husband got some lovely Johnnie Walker golf balls for his anniversary gift!  We also got hats because we were celebrating!

Finally, the anniversary part.  The Husband had dropped off our toasting flutes from our reception.  They brought out the flutes and a bottle of Tattinger.  As I didn’t get any champagne at our reception, this was nice.

Overall, a great night and an excellent way to celebrate!  Thanks to Martini’s for having this wonderful dinner!  Definitely take a trip to Longmont for dinner out on the patio, .


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