Happy one year anniversary!!

So despite the fact that I had to work Saturday I still had a two day weekend because of Memorial Day.  Most of it was spent inside with my pup!

This weekend I managed to empty my DVR and watch The Black Swan.  What a wierd movie!  Still not sure where I stand on the like/dislike but I guess the point is that I am still thinking about it 2 days later.

We also watched the Monte Carlo Grand Prix and the Indy 500.  What a finish to the Indy 500.  Still rooting for Will Power for the championships in October (which will be attending!).

Monday was the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!  The husband and I kept it pretty low key.  We went out to breakfast at the Egg and I!  Highly recommend as they can perfectly cook any egg.  I had traditional Eggs Benedict to spoil myself and the Husband had stuffed French toast, which we also enjoyed for Breakfast today.  We had planned on Deli Zone but they opened late and we were hungry!  The rest of the day we bummed around the house.  Had lunch and dinner in and watched some Billy Crystal.  What a relaxing weekend!

Also, wanted to share a link to one of my favorite blogger’s website.  She is currently raising funds for a neighbor who just got a very sad and sudden diagnosis!  Please take a look!



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4 responses to “Happy one year anniversary!!

  1. Happy anniversary and thank you!

  2. Happy anniversary! And your pup is such a cutie!

  3. I’ve been browsing wordpress and stumbled across your blog. It sounds like your low-key anniversary was fantastic. Simple celebrations are always my favorite!

  4. awww! i had my one year this past october. congrats! love the blog too 🙂

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