What a week so far

Every once in a while I get a two day weekend which makes Mondays that much harder.  Yesterday was no exception.  Out of my 9 hours of work time yesterday, I spent 8 of it driving around the greater Boulder area!  I think I put 120 miles on my car just driving around town.  The inside of my car is starting to resemble a pig sty.

My Trusty Steed

Today, I am playing catch up and answering as many calls as possible.  The problem with our work schedule is that I am off tomorrow and bound to be even more behind on Thursday!

Sadly, I have to spend my day off at the dentist getting cavities filled.  Usually, this event is traumatizing enough that I spend the rest of the day sleeping it off.  Truly considering Sedation denistry.  I wonder if my insurance covers that…

On the up side, the Husband has an interview tomorrow to teach at a community college next year.  We need all the good thoughts we can get, this would be a great fit!

If I make it tomorrow, I will let you know how it goes!

3 thoughts on “What a week so far

  1. Will be sending you both lots of good thoughts tomorrow for a good interview and painless cavities!! 🙂

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