I think I have aged 30 years this week

So this week, the Husband and I have neglected our eating habits, our cleaning habits, a normal sleep routine, as well as at least one stress free moment each day.

As many of you know, Maggie, our puppy, has been very sick this week.  She has had tremors, wild eyes at times, loss of balance, and zero independence.  This has left the Husband and I taking turns watching her.  This has really meant the Husband has spent lots of time with the pup as well as lots of time at a couple different vet offices while I have been at the office trying not to cry at my desk.

Maggie in bed this morning. We have had her sleeping with towels on our bed.

This is perhaps the hardest thing I have had to deal with in recent (and slightly extended) memory.  We are still not sure what is wrong or how to fix it.  We started steroid treatments but the Husband thinks it may be doing more harm today.  Messages on several lines, waiting for response.  The waiting is the worst. 

Now I know that many people have had to deal with much greater things but it seems that we have had to deal with our share of bad luck this year.  Maggie is our little baby and I don’t know what I would do without her.  Hopefully she pulls through it.  Positive thoughts and vibes would be much appreciated.




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2 responses to “I think I have aged 30 years this week

  1. I’m so sorry you’ve spent the past week worrying about your baby! It’s so hard watching someone you love (person OR pet) sick or hurt and not really be able to help. I hope Maggie is better soon!

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