Look at my garden grow!


So this week has been good for most of my plants.  When I say most, I mean the edible ones.



Grandpa and Grandma



I’ve never been great with flowers but it seems that I have inherited a tinge of green on my thumb from my Grandpa.




The Husband and I got some great starters at the Longmont Farmer’s Market this year.  Between the containers and the tiny plot we put together for ourselves, we have Romaine Lettuce, Broccoli, PURPLE (yes, PURPLE) cauliflower, mint, oregano, basil, and Roma tomatoes!  So far everything is taking off.  Very proud of the broccoli and cauliflower as this is my first attempt.






We also have beans!  I have no idea what kind though…  I guess we will see. 


The Husband bought a packet of seeds at the garden storewhen I went to get some flowers.  He asked the people there how to start them as we had never done them.  We followed their instructions and nothing happened… we checked a week later and nothing.  When we had finally given up on the beans, we planted the rest of the starters.  I made sure to leave enough room in case they decided to peak out but didn’t hold out hope.  Well, low and behold, almost a month after planting, they started to peep their head out.  And now we have 12 (I think) tiny bean stalks with some beans.  I will let them get big and hopefully they will distinguish themselves.

Colorado has been very hard on my gardening skills and I think I am finally getting the hang of it.  Can’t wait to get my first tomato this year! 


Do you have a green thumb or do plants wilt when you touch them?


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One response to “Look at my garden grow!

  1. Plants commit suicide when I come near them. They seem to think it’s a better alternative than allowing me to get any closer!

    Glad your garden is growing- edible gardens aren’t as pretty as flowers, but they are so much more exciting to me.

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