I thought yesterday was long…

So generally my work day is filled with appointments, showings, walk-ins and the most important, PHONE CALLS!

Yesterday was a long day that seemed to drag.  Didn’t leave the office all day.  Well, today is a completely different ball game.  I have no phone!

Well, I technically have a phone as you can see,  it just isn’t doing anything. 

A couple phones in the office have been affected, I just happen to be the only one working with a non working phone.  Today was going to be the day that I had planned to be in the office making calls all day.  I have no plan B either.  I hope that we get this resolved soon.

In other news, Maggie seems to be improving.  She is wanting to hang out outside and she is eating dry food.  Milestones in my eyes!

We are also planning a trip back to Iowa soon.  Can’t believe it’s already here!  We haven’t been home since our wedding so it will be nice to have a few days by the pool with all of my friends!  I am just not looking forward to the drive to and from Iowa. 

Any exciting plans coming up?




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One response to “I thought yesterday was long…

  1. Working without a phone sounds challenging! I go nuts when my phone/computer are out of service for even 10 minutes!

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