A family vacation!

So the Husband, the pup, and I made the 13 hour trek home after work on Friday!  While it was an exhausting trip, it was completely worth it!!  We ate good food, had great family time, when shopping, plenty of time by the pool, and a sunburn to top it off!  We were so tired when we came back to Colorado but it was entirely worth it!

Once we got home and cleaned up, we had time to relax and nap before lunch.  Once we had lunch, it was time to hop in the pool and invite my family up as well!  They brought some treats for the pup and the sunburning began!  The Husband’s dad had found

my favorite LeftHand Beer (which they no longer make) at the grocery store and snapped up the last six pack as well as some Malbec.  We were off to a great start!  We did dinner at the Red Ginger with the Husband’s parents and my sister and her husband!  My brother in law was the life of the party and we all had a blast! 


After dinner, it was on for drinks at the Grape Life with the entire family!



Sunday we did some shopping at Von Maur and then stopped at some local breweries.  Colorado beer is definitely better but Iowa is up and coming!




We got home and had some more time outside, made a cake, and hung out with the neighbors (who brought cake balls!).


On the fourth, it was more swimming and the meals that wouldn’t quit.  We filled the table twice and the food never got low!  We had a great time and the puppies even got some swimming in!



On the way back to Colorado on Tuesday, we stopped at Trader Joe’s and did some shopping!  What a blast!  I was surprised how affordable everything was.  We even got our 2 Buck Chuck!



Maggie was such a good traveler but she definitely passed out in the car, after taking some cute pictures, of course. 


We got home before 11:00, had the car unpacked, and then it was off to bed!  What a trip!

What did you do for the fourth?


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