A Belated Weekend recap!

I had to work on Saturday (again!) so we packed as much as humanly possible into Sunday.    It’s Tuesday and I think I am still recovering.

We did hit up Old Chicago after work Saturday.  We had a blast drinking some tasty American Beer as part of summer tour.  The Husband had a classic!

We started our day with a hike in Boulder.  We wanted to try a new trail and so we picked Mt. Sanitas.  Plenty of people I know have done this hike so I didn’t think it was going to be that hard.  Boy was I wrong!  Here is the info from Open Space about the the trail.  What a trek!  Everytime we thought we were near the top, we would turn the corner and there would be more hiking.  We were out of water before we hit the top and I really considered turning around.  I think I will count this as my first mountain.


We stopped at Whole Foods on the way back to Longmont to get a smoothie with sugar, electrolytes, and whey protein.  I wanted to snap a picture but it was gone before I could get the camera out.  We were going to make Lasagna for lunch but neither of us could fathom cooking at that point so we went to Basil Flats in Longmont.  I had a Chicken Schwarma wrap and it was fabulous! 

Once we were home, we curled up and watched the Indy Race out of Canada.  What a crazy race!  Poor Will Power!  I am not a major race fan but I am definitely engrossed in the soap opera that accompanies the IRL.  Sometime this week, I will explain some of the funny differences between the three racing leagues that are most popular!

We also found all the ingredients for a tasty margarita.  I would share them but then i would have to kill you.  Let me just tell you that you will have to hit up a pool party in Iowa to get the recipe!

By the time the race was over, it was time for dinner.  The Husband and I were crazy hungry but we stuck to the plan.  We brought home some crab and a tiny lobster tail from the parents house.  We put a little butter, garlic scapes, and pepper on them and cooked.  We also had some steamed asparagus.  So easy and soooo tasty.

Being comfortably full and completely worn out, I was ready for some sleep.  We watched some Food Network and then it was time for some rest.  Maggie was even tired for us!

Hopefully this week will be less crazy than the last!

Also as an FYI, I should be posting some new recipes this week.  Just have to get them together!



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