What a difference!

So I said earlier in the week I mentioned that there are some major differences between the car racing leagues that are popular in this country.  So to explain my background, the Husband has always been a big Indy fan and I am relatively new to it.  Neither of us have ever really watched racing, and the Husband is also a fan of F1.  I was only a fan when I worked for a major company that sponsored it’s own F1 team.

This last weekend, the Husband and I were out and caught the end of a Nascar race and we were watching the interviews.  What I found astounding was instead of nourishing their body with healthy things, every driver was chugging whatever their sponsor was pushing.  The most shocking one was watching a driver chug a 20 oz. Coca-Cola!!  You would think water would be much more appropriate but we didn’t happen to see an water label racing team.

At least we didn't see anyone drinking a beer.

In Indy, the driver has had a severe workout during the race will be drinking water, an electrolyte drink, or the occasional bottle of milk.

I’m sure there are more differences (like the cars, the rules, and everything else) but this was the one difference that made me take notice!


Pictures were borrowed from the Seattle Times and oneclick.indiatimes.com


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