Love my friends!

So this weekend I had a great two day weekend!!  And it was even more special because Lindsey was in town!!  This is the first time possibly since high school that Lindsey, Julia, and I were in the same place twice in one month.  Once was for the fourth (recap here) and now!!  She was in town for almost for 24 hours before she had to head back to work.  Lucky for her, work is in Vail this week.

We started the afternoon with some shopping on Pearl Street where Lindsey treated herself to my favorite brand of shoes, All Black, at Two Sole Sisters.  There was also a street/art fair going on where vendors were charging inordinate amounts for street jewelry.  It was all very pretty but it was definitely a Boulder Street Fair. 

After shopping, we collected Bryce and it was off to dinner at Martini’s in Longmont!!!  Incredible drinks again and a fantastic dinner!  Definitely did not disappoint.



On Sunday, we went up to Lost Gulch for a view of the mountains for Lindsey and then lunch at the Dushanbe Tea House.







I really love having friends around that I have had for sooo long.  Julia, Lindsey, and I can sit in a room and pick up just where we left off.  It’s like that with all of my friends from high school.  It’s so nice not to have to give a back story or a reason for something, just to launch into whatever is going on.  I am so lucky to have such great friends!!  We have started to talk about a yearly trip and I can’t wait.  I love being able to tell people that I married my boyfriend from high school and that I am still friends with everyone that I hung out with since middle school.  It’s such a special bond that I will always treasure!




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