Ode to my SodaStream!!

So Friday morning, the Husband called me to say that I had a surprise waiting for me at the house but I couldn’t ask what it was.

By the time I got home, I was exhausted and hungry and I had completely forgotten about what he had said earlier in the day.

I turned the corner to start dinner and staring me in the face was the SODASTREAM!!!! 

The Husband and I had gone to the store a couple of times looking at this wonderful machine but had held off on buying it.  His mom had seen an ad and couldn’t pass up the sale and there it was on my counter.

If you haven’t heard of a SodaStream before, it is a machine that carbonates plain old tap water with a few pumps of a Co2 canister.  If you weren’t aware, I have a strange obsession with bubbly drinks. 

The first thing I had the Husband make was a carbonated tap water with ice.  It was amazing!!  It came with sample syrups which taste like name brands as well as water flavors.  I don’t think I will ever buy carbonated beverages at the store!  I am a complete convert and I have even carbonated my breakfast drinks!


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