A reason to celebrate!

Just last week, I was remarking to a group of coworkers about how I hated being short.  I have considered growth hormones, shin implants, and even stilts.  I generally stick to 4 inch heels as nothing else seems feasible (or remotely safe at this point). 

Now I can be happy about being short!!  Oxford University has put together a study saying that shorter women have a less likely chance of being diagnosed with Cancer versus taller women.  Read the story here!  Maybe being short is a blessing!



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6 responses to “A reason to celebrate!

  1. I am TALL like whoa, and I always look at shorter women ( with their cute heels and long-enough pants) and am insanely jealous!

  2. Now I am curious how tall Tori is…
    Shin implants sound very painful. I think you’re right: it is a blessing, so celebrate! 🙂

  3. i am 5ft, and i like my height people say its cute. But like you say the hardest thing is finding a pair of pants short enough! 🙂

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