So I have a blog…

So to those of you reading this, the title of this entry is very obvious.  I have started to share with friends and family that I have a blog.  I am starting to figure it out and really have been putting thought and time into this. 

I don’t see this blog as a way to get famous, change the world, or make money.  This blog is more about making a scrapbook of my life.  I have never been a crafty person so the thought of being able to put all of my pictures, recipes, thoughts, and events here makes it much easier to access and share all of that information.

One of the nice things about having this space is the community that it has put me in contact with.  I read many blogs, as you can tell from blog roll, on a daily basis.  I read them to interact and to share as well as get tips from other bloggers about how to do this better.  Networks like BlogHer definitely give you a leg up as well as the connections you need.

Also, many great things have been accomplished through the existence of this community.  Fundraisers, awareness, and support are all key! When you see groups come together for the Great Fundraising Act or to support neighbors of people we only kind of know, it’s nice to think that even though we are all so far apart, we can definitely be the support someone needs.

I hope that as I continue this adventure/experiment, I will become part of this group!


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