A weekend with the family!

So this weekend was a two day weekend.  That means that starting on Friday night, I focused on my family of three!

We started at a beer tasting on Friday night.  This is normally where we go for our wine tasting but they wanted to do something different this week.  We got to try Firestone Walker beer.  It was tasty but nothing remarkable.  Their APA was good.  I will give them that but there are so many other craft beers that I would buy first.  After that, it was home to have dinner and cuddle on the couch.

Saturday, we were off to the Farmer’s Market.  We had some great finds and some wonderful additions to this week’s menu.  We got some great onions from Guerilla Farms (thanks, Timpson!), some peppers, and an eggplant.  The people selling the eggplant had some strategically placed melon.  Had to buy a cantaloupe.  They were so ripe, I had to eat it this weekend!  It was so sweet and so juicy.  No need for a fork, just a very large napkin!


We spent the afternoon cleaning the house.  Nothing exciting but it means that we could enjoy the rest of the weekend!

This morning, we got to focus on Maggie.  It was off to the LeftHand Dog Wash to support the Longmont Humane Society.  Totally worth it and Maggie had a blast getting tons of attention.  She was the first dog through and everyone wanted to pet her! 


Maggie got a bully treat for being a good girl (herself).  She definitely enjoyed it!


We dropped her off at home and grabbed a burger out and then back to LeftHand to get the beers we had purchased through the dog wash.  They have some of our seasonal favorites out so we had a few.  Watched the Indy race this afternoon.  Not a graceful finish by my hero, Will Power, but at least he finished (sort of!). 

The Husband and I have been playing with the format of the blog so hopefully some changes will be in store.  We haven’t had much luck with the basic features available but I don’t know if I ready to start to paying for a blog/website.  We will have to see what we can figure out.


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