Happy Tuesday??

I am almost half way through Tuesday and I am still not convinced that I want to be at work today.  I know that I have tomorrow off but a few days sounds in order.  Sadly, I don’t have the time.  I also can’t afford to be away from my commission only job in August. 

We are at least planning our Christmas getaway already.  This gives me a little excitment towards time off.  Sadly, it is 4 months from now (and not in a tropical location)!!  Until then, I will have to enjoy my midweek day off and the beach scene on my computer desktop.

Courtesy of blinds-wallpaper.net

I am hoping tomorrow the Husband and I will make it down to Denver to pick up the concert tickets I won on the radio, stop by LeftHand for a pint of Haystack, and take a bike ride.  Besides that, I hope that tomorrow will be a sleep in kind of day and perhaps an interesting recipe.

Any big plans this week?

2 thoughts on “Happy Tuesday??

  1. I had the same photo on a huge poster in my cubicle before I quit my job. It was my motivation. I knew if I worked hard in that cubicle I could treat myself and go there! 😀
    Happy vacationing (for Christmas) and Bon Voyage!

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