So many steps!

To homemade pizza!

After our lovely bikeride yesterday, the Husband declared it was pizza night.  Actually, we had planned to do pizza on my day off last week but I had completely forgot.  The Husband likes to do things from scratch so I will go through the photos along with the instructions. 

First, combine 1 Tbs. of Olive Oil, 1 Tbs. of Agave Nectar, 2/3 cup of Water (heated for 20 seconds in the microwave), 1/2 Tbs. of Dry active Yeast.  It’s important that you combine by hand!  Let all of this rest in the mixing bowl so that the yeast can bloom.  If it hasn’t bloomed after 10 minutes, the yeast was either dead to start with or it was killed by the too hot water.

After 2 minutes. You can see the graininess still as well as the liquid around the side.

After 5 minutes. You can see how it has evened out and thickened up!

Once the yeast has bloomed, add 1 cup of Wheat flour, 1 cup of Bread flour.  Once combined, you can either knead it for 5-10 minutes or use a fancy bread hook!  After it is nice and doughy, place your ball into a greased up bowl and cover with cling wrap.  Let it raise for 1 hour.

Your dough should get bigger and fluffier.  After an hour, roll out on your pizza pan (or stone) and let cover with a slightly damp towel and let raise another 3o minutes.

Finally, add your sauce and bake for 12 minutes at 400 degrees.  Next add your toppings and bake for 8 more minutes.

And, voila!  Pizza!



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