Can’t get my butt in gear.

In my “About Me” section, I mention that I have a hard time staying on the Stay Healthy wagon.  The Husband and I are pretty good about eating correctly.  We snack healthy and we portion out everything.  We do slip and eat some great snacks and the cocktail hour every day does not help the health either.  The problem that I have had is motivation to work out.  We have been using our bikes for trips to the store as well as just 45 minutes rides around town.  They were quite the investment so it is important that they get used.  Read more here about the bikes we purchased.

However, we lack the gym membership right now and the Wii Fit definitely has a layer of dust.  I haven’t been getting up in the morning and I am exhausted before I get home.  I know that I can get up a little bit early and get it all in but the bed is so inviting.

I have some equipment and the weather here is great to walk/bike outside a good portion of the year so I have no excuses.  I think I need a goal and some accountability.

How do you get moving to get healthy?


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