Let the studying commence!

It has started!  I have about 39 days until the GRE test and I set the kitchen timer and locked myself in the basement. 

Actually, I didn’t lock myself down here but I am here voluntarily… 

And I am obviously not studying, I am writing here to avoid studying…

  The Husband just came down to check on me and I was busted!!  He ever so kindly opened my study book to the sample questions section and told me to get started.  Then he checked the timer and told me I still had 60 minutes to go.  Why am I getting the feeling that this is going to be a long couple of weeks?

I am going back to school for religious studies and not geometry but somehow, the religious studies portion did not make it on the GRE but the geometry did.  I took my last geometry class with Mr. Curlott in ninth grade.  I can name two types of triangles off the top of my head (isosceles and right! See I can do it!) but couldn’t calculate the sides of anything.  I dated the Husband so that he would do my calculus homework and I am married him so that I would never have to look at a spreadsheet of numbers ever again but here I am, staring and practice math problems.  Hopefully, this will be the last math test I ever have to take.

I should probably be a good book work and at least finish a set of practice problems tonight.

x+y= HUH??

Photo from 1and1fitclub.com

Photo from 1and1fitclub.com



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4 responses to “Let the studying commence!

  1. Bless. Your. Calculator. I avoid math at all costs!

  2. You can do it! We managed to power through calculus together, right? Even if Shawn was doing your homework, he couldn’t take the tests for you!

    And, what type of GRE score(s) does your program require? If it’s just a combined score (say 1000+), you can make up for it on the verbal part. That’s what I did! Though I think they have changed the test since I took it, so you may want to take my advice with a grain of salt. But the math was easier than I thought it would be and the verbal harder. So if I were doing it over, I’d actually spend *less* time studying for math than for verbal, even though I’m better at verbal naturally, like you are. It seems to be proportionally much harder for everybody, because I think the average math score is way higher than the average verbal one.

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