September Goals

So this is the first year that my schedule has not been dictated by a school schedule.  It is definitely a weird feeling to be going into September with no classes or homework for either of us.  Fingers crossed, school will be in my cards again very soon but right now,  I am going to take things one day at a time!

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I have a few things going on in September.  First, I will be reading Slow Love as part of the BlogHer Book Club.  My copy came today so it is time to get started!!  Super excited.  I am getting out my page flags, highlighters, and pens so that I can write a proper review. 

Slow Love

I definitely miss reading books on a deadline (seriously!).  In college, I would read 500-1000 pages a week and still work full time.  It will be nice to have some deadlines again.

Next, must get ready for the GRE.  I have been lax in studying these last couple of days but now I have 30 days.  Time to buckle down and prepare.  I know I have the skills to do well, I just have to find those connections in my brain again.

I have two other, less structured goals.  The first is to get off my butt!!  I spend way too much time watching TV and sleeping.  It’s time to get out and do things.  The other less structured goal is to blog more.  I have spurts where I am great about blogging all of the time and sometimes I go days without sitting down and writing (or uploading photos).  Really not that hard, just have to do it.

Now that I have a small handful of goals, need to stay accountable.  Let me know if you see any slipping and I will pick it up!


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