So I’m not a complete dummy!

I have been studying for this darn GRE and things are getting fuzzy.  The world must have turned itself on it’s head.  As my friend, Julia, predicted, the sections related to the English language are much harder than I thought they would be.  I’ve decided to put math on the back burner for now and start making vocab flash cards.  I think The Husband rolled his eyes when I told him that I had to get supplies to study.  He was never a flash card kind of guy in school.  Most of the formulas he needed for his tests were provided and he just had to memorize concepts.  My schooling required languages and dates, which for me required flash cards for memorization!  If the method works, I think it’s worth the supplies to get a good score.  Besides, the basic algebra doesn’t scare me as much as the word “Prestidigitation”.  Here is the definition in case you were curious!


Besides studying, I have been doing some lounging.  As soon as I got home, I put on the sweatpants and slippers.  It’s time to relax a little!  Hopefully once my list of chores is done, a glass of red wine will magically find it’s way into my hand.


  Two more days this week and then a two day weekend and a concert!


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