Labor Day weekend in Review

Besides having to work on Saturday, my weekend was pretty good. Came home to some lovely flowers!  The Husband always stashes them in the fridge so that I can arrange them how I like.  When I walked in the door, he asked me if I could wash veggies for dinner.  I told him I had to go change from work and he again asked if I could do the veggies first.  I opened the fridge and there they were!


On Sunday, after sleeping in until about 8:00 AM (Woo Hoo!) we did some stuff around the house, took Mags for a walk and a run at the dog park, and then down to Denver.  The Husband and I went to the Taste of Colorado.  We were expecting something like the Taste of Chicago but it wasn’t quite that…  We had fun trying a few things (mostly Asian and Thai it seemed) as well as some fun drinks and beers.  There were sooo many people there and everything was packed into Civic Center Park.  I think the crowds were due to the short length of the event (only the weekend).  I think we would go again but we would pick a different time.


After Taste, we headed down to Big Gig 2011.  We stopped at CB Potts for a drink before the show.  We were trying to wait out the crowds (and the first band).  We (read: me) only wanted to see My Chemical Romance.  After waiting in crazy long lines for our pat down to get it, we grabbed a seat on the lawn and waited, and waited, and waited!  The first band, Rancid, started about an hour and a half late.  The quote of the evening “These people must live on Ketchup and Pot.”  That pretty much summed up the majority of the crowd at the venue.  We were some of the oldest people there. 


We watched through their show and through most of My Chemical Romance and then headed back to CB Potts for dinner.  We ordered off the Happy Hour menu and had some tasty treats. 

Once that was done, we made the hour trek back to the house.

Yesterday was great as well!  I could not manage to peel myself off of the couch.  We cuddled with Maggie all day and rested.  I read a book (Slow Love) and caught up on TV.  We did make homemade tomato soup but recipe is still being tweeked.

I plan to be more productive this week!  The Husband’s brother and wife are planning a trip up this week so next weekend will be another adventure!


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