Hello, Monday! Not so nice to see you again

After a great weekend with friends and family, it was hard to get going this morning!  Quick recap of the events!

The Husband’s brother and his wife were in town for a friend’s wedding this weekend.  They of course had obligations for that but we filled every minute that we had with local things to do!

Friday, I had to work but the Husband took them around to run some errands and see Boulder.

Saturday, it was off to the Farmer’s Market.  This was a new experience for Scott and we had a blast!  Had some great breakfast, got some tasty treats for the week and tried a new spice rub and Bloody Mary mix from Horsetooth in Ft. Collins!  Can’t wait to use this stuff!!!

After the market, we went home and put everything together for homemade pizza and then it was off to LeftHand (for the first time this weekend!). 

Scott and the Husband had some great beers and then we had to go home and finish up lunch so they could go to the wedding.

On Sunday, they came back and we headed up to Estes Park to check out the Stanley Hotel and some mountains.  We couldn’t get in for a tour but we did walk around a bit.  The Husband and I plan to go back in a few weeks to stay the night.

After Estes, it was back to LeftHand for more beer.  This time, there was 5 of us instead of 3 so more beers and flavors consumed!  Since Scott had visited last, they added the World Headquarters sign so pictures were necessary!

We grabbed some dinner and headed home to watch “The Shining” as we had visited the hotel. 

 Sadly, I don’t think anyone made it through the movie.  We were all exhausted!

This morning, had some egg bake with poblano and then off to work.  Ready to go home and rest up.  Also have to get back on the studying thing after a few days off.  Have to get ready!


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  1. Looks like you had a fantastic weekend! Mondays are always butt kickers, aren’t they?! Have a great week!

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