What a wonderful baker!

Our new Deep Covered Baker, that is!  A couple of weeks ago we had our Pampered Chef party (recap here!) and we are starting to use the products that we got.  The first thing I used tonight was our Julienne Peeler.  This thing is the coolest tool ever.  I couldn’t stop calling the Husband over saying “Look what I just did!!!”.  It was so exciting.  Okay, not really.  I just think that we are going to have julienned vegetables every night this week!


Once everything was peeled and prepped, it all got stuck into the baker and placed in the microwave!!  One dish to clean and everything cooked together, including dry pasta!


It had to be stirred a couple times and then it came out perfect!  It was a Thai noodle dish with chicken.  SOOOO good.  This is definitely going on the rotation.


Besides that, I had the day off today.  We did some laying around, we took Maggie for a walk, and then a little studying.  So glad fall is here!!  Definitely broke out the pumpkin candle tonight.  Might even get Maggie’s sweaters out for our walks in the morning.


What are you doing to get ready for fall?


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