Getting in shape!

So, when we got our new bikes and realized the weather here was so great, we got rid of our membership at our local YMCA.  On our walk today with Maggie in the sprinkling rain, we discussed starting back up.  I really enjoyed playing racquetball with the Husband as well as the option to do a spin class instead of working out by myself.

I did a little research when we got back.  After considering the cost of starting back up as well as looking over the class schedule, we have decided that we are going to sign up after work today!! 

Now that work has slowed back down and we need to find something to do together, the gym is the perfect fit.  I have a built in partner for weights and someone to help time my work outs.

The only thing that the Husband can’t do for me is be my accountability partner.  As must as I would like to say that he would be the best one because he lives in my house, I tend to get irritated when he reminds me to get up to work out.  That anger/stress isn’t something that we need to start out our workday.

Anybody have any tips for picking an accountability partner?


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