The best thing I ever ate!

If this isn’t the top, this is definitely a contender!  So this was yesterday’s lunch and I wanted to write about it earlier but this is my first moment (crazy work schedule!).

Anyway, back to the sandwich…

As I had a little extra lunch money this week, I thought I would treat myself to something out.  It was colder yesterday so I passed up all my regular spots for a hot sandwich at Smiling Moose Deli!  I had the NYC Roast Beef.  Best choice EVER!!  Roast beef, cheddar cheese, horseradish sauce, red onions, tomato, and lettuce.  Not the healthiest choice but it was a splurge day.  I was only going to eat half (a photograph the second half, saving it for later) but I couldn’t help myself.  I ate the whole thing!! 

I am a sucker for roast beef when it’s cold out.  I will definitely be putting this on my eat out rotation!  Less often than a salad place, of course!

What’s the best thing you’ve eaten this week?


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One response to “The best thing I ever ate!

  1. That sandwich looks scrumptious! I’m pretty indulgent this week and have been enjoying lots of chocolate cake and red wine – perfect for me.

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