Weekend rewind!

So the plan was to post like crazy starting Friday.  However, my body had other plans.  I left a 12 hour day at work on Friday with a terrible headache.  It took everything I had to get home without incident.  Once I was at home, I was not in the mood to eat or move so I spent the evening in the fetal position on the couch.  I think my over caffination, under hydration was to blame.

Saturday it was back to work.  I slept in and left as late as possible.  Long day at the office.  Luckily, I had my dinner from the night before to cheer me up!

Once I got home, the Husband decided that it was our dinner night out!  Hooray for Sushi Jianken!!  Had a great dinner and then we headed to home to play Mario Party.  I thought I was going to win but it was oh so close.  It’s nice to have a date night every once in a while.  We even got a little dressed up.  Glad the Husband suggested it.


Sunday was a lazy day!!  I love lazy days.  The Indy race was a night race so it was already recorded.  We got up and cuddled with Maggie and watched a fantastic race.  Will Power got the points lead back and only a few races to go!

We went to Sam’s Club and stocked up for quite a while.  We bought enough protein for 52 meals.  Our chest freezer is finally full again!!  It’s glorious!

We ran a few more errands and I did some studying.  Peaceful end to a peaceful weekend.  Hopefully the week will be smooth sailing as well!



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