Monday Funday!

One of these days, I will get around to posting on the same day that things happen.  I haven’t found my rhythm quite yet though. 

Yesterday was a packed day!  I had mentioned before that the Husband and I would be heading back to the Y to get back to our fitness goals.  We stopped in on Sunday and they were actually doing free week-long family passes.  We snagged one of those and will officially sign up next week.  While we were there, we signed up for a racquetball court.  The only time that we can play together is before the sun comes up.   Maggie was still sleeping when we left. 

It felt good to work out.  We did 45 minutes of racquetball and then 10 laps around the track upstairs of walking to stretch out.  Went home and had to get ready for a full day of work.


While I was at work, the Husband decided that he wanted to crack open one of the chickens we got on our Sam’s Club shopping trip.  He cooked it for a little over an hour in our baker.  Turned out sooo well.  We broke down the chicken and we will be using it for the next couple dinners as well. 


It came out so well, don’t you think?  We stacked sandwiches high with peppers, red onions, pesto spread, and chicken and grilled them on our George Foreman.  Another handy kitchen tool!  They turned out great.  Love it when we make grilled sandwiches!

We also got some potentially good news this week.  We will have more details by weeks end.  Fingers crossed, please!



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