And the disappearing award goes to…

ME!!  I am not going to apologize for being away, just explain my absense (for the handful of you that read this).

So last week I spent the majority of my time studying and working.  My GRE exam was on Friday and I did relatively well.  We spent a quality amount of time at Left Hand as well due to several GABF activities (HOORAY FOR MILK STOUT NITRO IN A BOTTLE!!). 


Then it hit me!  Sunday I woke up with no voice.  Not even a whisper.  We ran a few errands and I spent the majority of the afternoon watching Mad Men.

Monday was still a quiet day for me but I had to go to work, can’t miss a Monday!  I spent most of the day organizing myself and praying that the day would go by faster.  I felt even worse yesterday and ended up going home around lunchtime.  I napped and watched TV until the Husband came home and went to bed around 8:00.

I had to come in today.  I am still stuffy and a little stiff but the tea and DayQuil seem to be working.  Here’s hoping for 6:00!



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2 responses to “And the disappearing award goes to…

  1. Every seems to be sick right now! Get to feeling better!

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