Recovery Weekend!



So the plan this weekend was to get up early on Saturday morning and head over to Lyons to the Devil Dash.  Unfortunately, the head cold had not let up so we took it easy Saturday.  We slept in a couple of extra hours and then we headed over to the farmers market.  IT WAS COLD!!!  It was about 45 degrees when we headed out and it was drizzly and gross.  Definitely not good for both of us not feeling well.  We did manage to get a good set of veggies and a fabulous breakfast tamale!  Only a few more weeks and then we will have to get our veggies (and Saturday breakfast) elsewhere.  PA080143

After the market, we headed up to Lyons where we happened into a bit of snow.  Yuck!  We went out to wish everyone well and make sure that everything had gone off without a hitch.  Devil Dash is a 5k Warrior Dash themed around the seven deadly sins.  I was supposed to help with the registration table but it seemed to be handled!  We got to see the first heat go through the mud pit.  It must have been ice cold!


We spent the rest of the day lounging on the couch.  Maggie really enjoyed it!


Today was a little less dreary.  We did head out for a short walk and did a lot of laundry!  We even got our some of our Halloween décor out.  There will definitely be more pictures when it is all together.


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  1. Yeah I’m going to be bummed when farmer’s market season is over as well. I’m already looking forward to next year!

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