Sad day for Indy Racing Fans

The Indy Championship in Las Vegas didn’t turn out how anyone intended.  It was the worst possible outcome.  It was supposed to be a day which crowned a champion and celebrated the return to the Las Vegas track.  However, the day ended in tragedy.

I was rooting for Will Power and ready to watch a great 300 mile race.  We had actually thought about attending the race but had decided not to this year.  On lap 12, the most horrific crash I had ever seen happened.  15 cars involved and some serious injuries.  Several drivers had gone to the hospital and Dan Wheldon was airlifted out.  After several hours of waiting and speculating, it was announced that he had died from “unsurvivable injuries”.  It was so sad and incredibly tragic. 

I have been interested in racing for a few years and had liked Dan Wheldon as a racer and as a commentator.  I was sad he didn’t have a ride this year but I was excited to see him back on the track next year.  I don’t know him personally but I couldn’t help but cry when the news came.  It was so sad to see such a young talent lost to his favorite sport. 

It is important to remember that even though the sport has improved, no one is exempt from danger.  Hopefully the 2012 car that Dan Wheldon worked so hard on will be the safest one yet.

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RIP Dan Wheldon


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