Getting ready for the Holidays

It might still be October but at Best Buy on Sunday the Husband and I happened across a horrible sign.  Best Buy has already posted their holiday schedule. 


The trend to move earlier and earlier with the holidays and holiday shopping definitely annoys me.  I am all about getting in the spirit of the holidays but this is crazy.  Our Lowe’s opted to have a 30 foot Santa in place of the Halloween display and the craft stores weren’t carrying flowers for our fall arrangements, just Poinsettias. 

In the middle of October (snow or not), I am not in the state of mind to be shelling out money for Christmas items.  I am thinking about possible ideas but I am not buying anything.  I am also not stocking up on inflatable Santa’s and robotic Reindeer. 

I think that by prolonging the Holiday season, we are diminishing it’s meaning.  For my family, we do force ourselves to do Christmas a little early due to our separation but the tree goes up after the Turkey leftovers have been put away.  Last year was the first year that we drug all of the boxes up as an extended family and put the decorations up together.  The time spent with family is very important, Christmas or otherwise.




We don’t do presents but some have been purchased and they do make their way under the tree but not too many.  For us, the time we spend with our family doing things like putting up the tree is important. 

As we start to see signs of the holidays pop up, I hope that you are able to find your way to your family and friends and enjoy what the holidays are really about!

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