An internet nightmare

This week has flown by!  I can’t believe it’s already Thursday.  I haven’t accomplished nearly what I thought I would and the plan is still to paint this weekend.  I think the snow has really kept me in lazy mode so working out has been on the back burner as has cooking.  Luckily, we made two large crock pot meals on Sunday so cooking this week hasn’t been entirely necessary.  Sadly though, working out does need to get done.  I am definitely going to the gym tonight, tired or not. 

A little greener today

On top of being tired and worn out from work, I get home to find the house in shambles (again) and the internet not working last night.  The Husband had been given the run around by a couple of different reps from our new internet provider and still no solution.  He had bought a new modem and also tried our old, two different types that should have worked but no such luck.  I am going to grab the third and illusive modem type over lunch to see if that can solve our problems. 

The Missing Piece!

I am hoping that we will have internet tonight and we can put all of this behind us.

We were able to unwind last night with a cuddle on the couch.  Maggie really enjoys when we all spend time together because she can cuddle right in.  I don’t remember what we were talking about that made us laugh so hard last night but I do remember giggling until I couldn’t breathe.  I think we were both exhausted but we have almost made it to the weekend!

How’s your week shaping up?


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