Last day of the market

So today was the last day of the Longmont Farmer’s Market.  It is always sad to see it go but only 4 weeks until the weekend market…

We knew we didn’t need need a whole lot but we got a tasty breakfast burrito, some onions from Guerilla Farms, and we stumbled upon Horsetooth Hot Sauce.  They are a recent addition to the market and we absolutely fell in love with their brown sugar rub.  We stopped by today to check out their Bloody Mary mix.  Sadly, no labeled bottles…  We have been checking out the store shelves and no luck.  One of the owners, Michael (bio here), offered to let us try the mix if we didn’t mind the unlabeled bottle.  I am soooo glad because this mix is amazing.  Very spicy but lots of flavor.  This may find it’s way to several Holiday Baskets.  If you are Colorado local, please support these guys.  They are new and it’s a great family business!  If you aren’t local, you can get some of their products here

**I was not paid to talk up Horsetooth Hot Sauce, I just really like it!**


Another new discovery this week was Scoopers!  I haven’t been on the Fro Yo bandwagon but this place has changed my mind.  So many flavors and so many toppings.  Sarah and I decided that this would make a suitable lunch.  I didn’t join their frequent visitor club because I didn’t want to become a too frequent visitor… 


I think that the Mango and Yogurt makes it healthy.

The rest of the evening will be spent watching Redbox movies and cuddling on the couch.  Looks like more snow is on it’s way.  Way too early!


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