Happy Day Light Savings time!

Happy Sunday every body!!  Usually I like to post in the morning but today I just didn’t have the time.  Because of the extra hour today I felt like we were really productive.  First on my list for the day was to make short work of our smaller decorative pumpkins



Most people would think to just leave them out and throw them out when they start to shrink up.  The smaller two pumpkins are actually pie pumpkins and so as it got cold, we moved them in.  The largest of the three has started to wrinkle up but the tiny two were ready to be eaten!!

As some canned pumpkin has been in short supply, we decided to roast and puree our own.  I peeled them due to the paint and gutted them and then roasted them meat side down for 50 minutes.  I added a little water and popped the chunks into the Ninja chop and pureed!  We had the same amount of pumpkin as eight cans!  Can’t wait to start using it.  Here is the bowl before being bagged.



Lunch was chicken we marinated overnight in Trader Joe’s Island Soyaki!  SOOOO tender.  We put the chicken on top of some fresh greens and topped with feta from Cheese Importers. 



Loved this combination.  Loved it so much that there is more chicken marinating in the fridge.  Sadly we don’t have  Trader Joe’s here but the Husband’s parents have made a shopping trip for us and will be driving it out for Thanksgiving!

We also did a top to bottom clean of our house, switched from summer to winter clothes, and swam at the Y.  I am beat!  Time to cuddle on the couch and get ready for the rest of the week.



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2 responses to “Happy Day Light Savings time!

  1. I was just having a conversation via another blog about this. I had NO IDEA you could still use the pumpkins after carving them and having them around a few days. I carved mine almost a week ago and it hasn’t even started wilting yet. I am thinking I will just have to make up some from scratch pumpkin goodies! Thanks to blogs, I won’t be wasting!

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