This application seems daunting…

After a very busy weekend, the drive in allowed for some time to ponder what needs to get done this week.  I will be home on Wednesday so prepping and painting is on the list for sure.  We will prep Tuesday night so that I can paint on Wednesday.  Here’s to hoping it goes well!

The other major “to-do” is my grad school application.  I need to sit down and start working on my personal statement letter.  I am not sure what to write but I’m sure that it will come to me.  The other part of the application that I am dreading is the letters of recommendation.

There is something strange about contacting people that you haven’t spoken to in years (I’ve been out of college since May 2007) and asking them to vouch for your academic abilities.  I am worrying that some of them won’t remember me and that some of them will say no.  My department was was so small that I don’t feel like there are 4 people I can ask.  I have 3 in mind for sure but the fourth is still wavering.  Then I run into another problem.  What if someone says no?  Who do I have for back up? It’s super nerve wracking and I think that this is the worst part of applying (right now).

My last hurdle with the letters is contacting the individuals once I have chosen them.  Some sites and sources recommend calling the individuals or meeting with them and some don’t.  I think that my approach will be an email to guage their interest and letting them know my plans.  If they say yes, I will send them everything they need via mail.  Hopefully the email will allow the individuals to Google search me, check their records, and refresh their memories without the awkwardness of the phone call. 

I hope to have the preliminary contact done by the end of the week.  Wish me luck!

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