Really? 20 kids?

I have a ritual of watching the Today Show every morning.  I’ve watched since I was a kid and it is just routine.

Part of the Today Show madness includes the Duggar Family announcements.  If you are not familiar with the Duggar’s, they are the gigantic family of 19 Kids and Counting on TLC.  They have 19 kids currently, 1 daughter in law, and 2 grandchildren.  I was certain that when the Today Show did their teaser about the Duggar’s, they would be announcing the engagement of one of their oldest daughters.  They have several children that are well out of home school and ready to move out of the nest.  Surely, they couldn’t be announcing a pregnancy for Michelle as there were sooo many problems with the most recent baby and pregnancy.

Michelle Duggar Pregnant

Sadly, I was wrong.  Michelle Duggar is pregnant with baby number 20!  What a mess…  I can appreciate the fact that they are leaving it up to their faith but to me this seems mildly irresponsible.  She is 45 and she has put her body through 19 pregnancies already.  While I am sure that she probably talked to a physician (I hope) it doesn’t seem like a good idea.  Michelle Duggar has spent more of her life pregnant than not.  She seems very blessed to have this opportunity but how many opportunities has she missed out on being pregnant?  Not to mention she will now have a child younger than her grandchildren.

I have also watched the Duggar’s television show on TLC but I think that will have to come to an end.  I think that the outrageous amount of carelessness should not be rewarded with press and book deals.  While I hope that Michelle and baby-to-be have a safe and healthy pregnancy, I hope that it is her last.

10 thoughts on “Really? 20 kids?

  1. I agree with your sentiment. Though i do not know them personally, I have also watched their show (with morbid fascination) and interviews and my jaw drops each time she has another. I shudder to think of her poor body, and all it has been though, but even more to think that after all they went through with number 19, they are doing it again.

  2. I typically congratulate any expecting mom. Having a kid is a really special experience, right? I think I’m with you on the Mrs. Duggar, though. Too much of a good thing really isn’t good!

  3. I agree with you 100%. SO much so, I’ve linked this post to my most recent blog post as well. I, as well, will no longer participate in watching their show, I cannot just sit around and watch a family be so careless and selfish. I love children, but like the comment from Tori Nelson says, too much of a good thing really isn’t good!

      1. Seriously! I feel like they aren’t thinking about their children’s futures very much. I feel like in another 20 years Michelle’s body is going to start giving way, and she’ll have a 20 year old! I wonder if some of her children feel left out, or like they don’t know their mom very well…I also wonder how many of their kids are going to grow up to not have any children at all after having to raise their brothers and sisters 😦

  4. It seems unreal that someone can have 20 children, and all of them be healthy. I say if she can keep having them then she should be allowed to. Her family is not hurting anyone and all of the children are well taken care of it seems.

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