Hello Wednesday!

I cannot believe that it is only 6:30.  It is pitch dark outside and I am in my pajamas already.

With my day off I starting my painting project.  So ready to go!!  Don’t you love my t-shirt?


The Husband and I have decided to use the basement shower this week and take it slow on the paint.  I want to make sure that each time we paint, it has plenty of time to dry and cure before I go and stick painter’s tape over it. 

Does this bathroom look useable?


I have had too many issues in the past with painter’s tape that I don’t want anything to happen to our Granite Dust paint!

I did run some errands and get my car washed today.  I love the full service car wash!!  Main Street Car Wash does such a good job and I got to play with some cute puppies while I waited! 

It was a mildly lazy day and it was so nice to have a mid week break from work.  Tomorrow it’s back to the grind (and another coat of paint in the evening).  How was your Wednesday?

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