Get a new attitude!

So this morning was another failed attempt to get out of bed and go to the gym.  Sadly, this time I was awake and just didn’t want to leave the warmth of my blankets.  Besides, it was still dark out!  I have started thinking about getting a natural light alarm clock.  I love the idea behind these!  They get your mind and body moving before you even realize it. 

Doesn’t this woman look peaceful?

The reviews on several of these look great and I think I will ask for it for Christmas…  It’s a lot of money for an alarm clock.

I also tried Coconut milk in my coffee this morning!  I was looking for a creamer alternative.  Definitely loved the coconut with a hint of vanilla.  This was just another one of the items that we got on our trip to Natural Grocers.

As you can see, I am making (or planning on making) several small changes.  While planning and making my goals I’ve realized that my attitude stinks!  I am sad about my lack of energy but I’m not doing anything about it.  I am unhappy with my performance at work but I stay the status quo.  You get the idea.  So from here on out, I am a positive person!  I am not saying that nothing is going to irritate me but I am going to try and put spin on things and make it work for me.  I am going to whine less and pitch in more.  I am also going to get up and work out!

Even though I know this isn’t an instant change, I need to take a minute and breath about things before I react.  I need to enjoy what’s going on around me.  It’s almost the end of the year and I don’t have a whole lot of milestones to put on my 2011 list.  If I just change my attitude and dive in, the next six weeks of 2011 could change my life!

What do you do when your attitude stinks?


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  1. I think we all need an alarm clock like that lady has in the picture – sounds reasonable to me. Getting a bit of sunlight everyday and a nice walk are small steps but really seem to energize.

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